Did you know your Psychic Strength is simply, a muscle? Everyday we use our 5 Senses. We See, Hear, Feel, Smell and Taste. Our Sixth Sense is our Intuition, our Psychic. What makes one person stand our from another with this sense? Practise! When we connect with this sense through intention, we start to see, hear, feel, in ways we never thought possible. Our world opens to new possibilities. Miracles Happen! Our world we know, Changes! So, howcan we start? The first step. Your Breath. Most of us take for granted this simple act. After all, when we are born this is the first function we use, the Breath! Yet, within our breath is the key to everything. When we focus on the breath through intention, we start to slow down. Our bodies respond with relaxation. In this state of Relaxation we are more in the present moment. Away from the past, which entraps us and not in the Future which is still being manifested. The technique is very simple. 1. Visit a place thats quiet, where there’s limited intertuption. Turn off all devices. This time, is for you! Step 2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and exhale, a Sigh! (Make a noise if possible) Repeat this 3 times. Intentionally sighing out anything that is on your mind or in your body. The key to getting in touch with your Sixth Sense your Psychic, is relaxation. When you become aware of your breathe you will start to notice where your thoughts are and also how your body feels. This is a techique that anyone can use. Step 3. Breathe in for the count of 4. Hold for the count of 4. Exhale to the count of 4. Remember not to rush this technique. Some of you may want to work up to the count of 4. So listen to how your body feels. Remember have fun with this simple technique. Repeat this breath technique for a few minutes every morning and night and throughout your day. (Play soft music in the background if possible.) Increase length of time from a few minutes to 5 then steadily work up to 15mins a day. Be comfortable. Keep your eyes closed, this will take the focus off the exterior world. Your intention is your inner self. This is where miracles happen. Step 5. When you open your eyes after a few minutes take the time to look around. How different do you feel? Your sight is a bit brighter, crisper, clearer. You are more relaxed and calm. Remember go slow, and appreciate yourself, allow this important moment to occur! You deserve this time! Imagine and feel your day being filled with Happiness, Joy, Peace and Abundance! How does this simple technique get you in touch with your Sixth Sense? When we take our focus off what we’re seeing in our outer world, and focus on the inner world, our thoughts slow down, our bodies respond by feeling quieter and more relaxed. Quiet enough to listen to our inner guidance. Our Intuition our Sixth Sense. Remember our Psychic is a muscle. We have it. Some are more in tuned than others and so the muscle is more developed. Some have been born with this muscle already developed. And now we too can strenghten our Psychic Muscle by these first steps. Receive guidance. Receive wonderful inspiration. Imagine. Dream. Connect. Live with Unlimited Capacity! There are many techniques we can use to help us achieve more Peace in our Lives. This is the beginning. Have you ever wondered whether you are on track or not? Am I living my Life Purpose? Health or Relationship questions. Use the above Breath technique. When in a relaxed state. Ask yourself, “How do I feel?” Some may not hear or feel an answer straight away. Persist. Being an Angel Intuitive I ask my Angels and Guides to help me hear, see, feel the answers. Be patient with this process. You will always get an answer. The clue is not to force, but allow the answer to move into your consciousness, with ease and grace. Forcing is only coming from the left brain. A need to know now! Confusion will settle in and then you will be no better off than when you started. I speak from personal experience, I am a Master at self talk. Having studied with many Spiritual Masters, and over 20years of travelling, reading, workshops etc. I come back to this basic Breath Technique. I have come to a place of feeling. The interlect, the left brain is becoming my friend. I am still learning to move into ease and grace of the right brain, the Sixth Sense. I call upon my Angels and Guides to assist me everyday. You too can call on yours. Trust and believe! A beautiful Spiritual Teacher once said to me “Don’t Doubt.” This means Everything! I laugh and understand a little more each day. This life is the class room. I’m learning to be less hard on myself. Judgement is being replaced with laughter. Life is meant to be Playful and Silly. So, with Trust and Gratitude I move forwards. Namaste! Angel Blessings to you.