Keryn has spent over 25 years acquiring knowledge from many amazing Spiritual Teachers.

She is a Certified “Angel Intuitive” and “Angel Card Reader” by Doreen Virtue.  A Certified “Angel Tarot Reader” by Radleigh Valentine. She has worked with Sonia Choquette:  “Six Sensory Living”,  “Ask your Guides”, “The Power of Your Spirit”, “True Balance”,  “The Answer is Simple”, Workshops. Been present for Brian Weiss:  “Many Lives Many Masters” Workshops. And the amazing “Dr Wayne Dyer” in his last Australian tour in Brisbane.

She has learnt many wonderful techniques to assist you in connecting with your True Self, your Guides, your Angels.   

                                             Full Day 10 am – 4 pm. Cost = $175 Per Person per Workshop.

These workshops are Amazing! How can they not be when your working with your Angels! Come experience for yourself, bring a friend, you will leave with more Clarity, Love and Divine Peace. 

Workshop Testimonials

“Angel Card Reader” Workshop Mt Isa 28th August 2016. Testimonials – “Just loved Keryn’s Workshop, I learnt so much. Keryn is a very good Teacher”

“A course which has helped me to find my Inner Light and Strength. Beautiful insight into Card Readings, I feel enlightened and motivated”

“Keryn – Taught us from first Principles and helped to learn to trust our intuition. Absolutely the Course! I’d love to learn more”

“Keryn – has amazing incarnation, it’s a great journey to be here to learn all about Card Readings this was fantastic!”

“The Workshop was a really wonderful experience. Very emotional journey for me, but well worth the journey!”

Hi Keryn I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you – now knowing that I can work with the angels for protection in this area I have brought them into my life and home and introduced my children to them also, I am no longer attracting unwanted visitations and my family and my children are better for this -no more nightmares for my son in fact his response to telling him about the angels has been amazing – he is more intuitive than I first realised!! I bought 2 packs of cards and was gifted a 3rd – which I have began to use for myself and more recently for others. I have never used cards before but the angel cards make reading very easy to connect in pureest love and light – I was worried that by “closing the door” on spirits I would lose my abilities since that is all I have known, when in fact I still have that connection now it is purposful visit not the the random kind that I explained to you about – although I have always asked for angels protection and guidence – never before to this extent. I did do rieki and crystal workshop about 10 yrs ago but it never resonated with me as strongly as the angels and crytals do. My abilities have sky rocketed and when I listen properly and take notice of the signs I am being lead to some amazing experiences! I hope to get to do a Doreen Virtue angel workshop one day soon! I am very grateful for you for all that you have done for me. Thank you with all my heart! love lily
This is a beautiful response to “Awaken Your Sixth Sense” Workshop and readings I have been delivering throughout Queensland. I am truly greatful to Spirit for sending me such beautiful people like Lily!

In these powerful workshops you will be encouraged to create the Life that you have Dreamt to Live!